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For more information please visit the pacs website.

Functions Reference

A set of tools that make life easier for developers and maintainers of R packages.

  • Validating the library, packages and renv lock files.
  • Exploring complexity of a certain package like evaluating its size in bytes with dependencies.
  • The shiny app complexity could be explored too.
  • Assessing the life duration of a specific package version.
  • Checking a CRAN package check page status for any errors and warnings.
  • Retrieving a DESCRIPTION or NAMESPACE file for any package version.
  • Comparing DESCRIPTION or NAMESPACE files between different package versions.
  • Getting a list of all releases for a specific package.
  • The Bioconductor is partly supported.

An Internet connection is required to take full advantage of most of the features.

Almost all calls which requiring an Internet connection are cached (for 30 minutes) by the memoise package, so the second invocation of the same command (and arguments) is immediate. Restart the R session if you want to clear cached data.


Development version:

# install.packages("remotes")



For more examples with descriptions please visit the walk-through vignette.

Validate the library:

  checkred = list(
    scope = c("ERROR", "FAIL"),
    # by default all flavors
    flavors = NULL

All package check statuses for all CRAN servers:

All CRAN releases of a package:


Compare package DESCRIPTION file dependencies between versions:

pacs::pac_compare_versions("shiny", "1.0.0", "1.5.0")

Looking for heavy dependencies: